Sanitation and State Standard procedures are always our number one concern, but in this crazy Covid19 era, a few new systems will be in place to protect both our clients and ourselves. Some of these precautions are our standard practice, they may seem obvious but still worth mentioning.

Le Spa is a small studio and we never have more than 2 appointments going on at the same time, but to make sure that we can respect social distancing, we will be spacing out appointments even more than usual. If we all follow these new procedures, we can make our spa a  place where we feel safe to escape from these stressfull times.


  • We will be taking our temperature every morning.
  •  We will be wearing gloves and changing them between each appointment.
  • We will be wearing a mask everyday at all times, and a brand new one everyday.
  • We will be washing hands before & after each client.
  •  We will be disinfecting the following between each client:

– counters
– tables
– door handles
– credit card machines


  • Wash or sanitize your hands upon arrival and departure.
  • In order to limit the number of clients in the spa, we will ask that you wait in your car before your appoinment. After the previous client has left and we have properly disinfected the spa, we will text you to let you know that you can safely come in. Please make sure that we have your most recent cell phone number.
  • Please wear a facemask during your service to the extent possible. Facemasks will be available if you do not have your own.
  • Limit the items you touch in the spa to items you select to purchase.
  • As much as possible, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other clients when walking through the spa.
  • If you get the urge to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with a kleenex and go wash your hands (we will be doing the same.)
  • If you are sick, if you have a temperature, if someone in your house is sick, please stay home.
  • If you have allergies and can’t control sneezing, please stay home.
    In any of these cases, please reschedule your appointment to a later day.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting symptoms or not following spa guidelines.

We can’t wait to see all of you! We miss making you guys feel good and relaxed.

Marie and Trisha